With our wide experience we’re always finding the right solution for your ideas

With our wide experience we’re always finding the right solution for your ideas

Provision of services

At Peti we got used to specify our services on the desires of our clients. This because every customer has its own preferences and every project has its own demands. Here fore we have taught ourselves a flexible way of working.
This working method enables us to continuously innovate within our production process and products. Besides, this differentiates Peti from others, where we also widen our current focus in order to offer customized solutions. Our current customers can confirm this!

Who are we



Companies with innovative ideas can get in touch with Peti for an in-debt brainstorm session. We like to think along in order to conceptualize the best solution in which we invest too!


For Peti investments equal innovation on product or process level. In this way we’re able to helping out clients, whenever they have plans of their own that have to be customized.


Whenever investments offer a solution for both the client and Peti, a new partnership will be entered and an interesting business potential for the long-term will be created.

Who are we

Peti chooses for efficiency with an innovation centre

At Peti we gladly work on product and process improvement. Therefore it’s essential to test-out and pretest products and processes in some cases. Understanding has to be created to how materials will act during the production process and combinations of different types of materials have to be pretested in order to avoid certain inaccuracies during process. Here-for the innovation centre has been developed and has it been installed with a laboratory contributes to product purity and safety.

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