Peti adds test room including laboratory to current facility

Peti increases the space that is used for product- and process testing and accommodates this within a test area. In this area it’s possible to check product behaviours during the production process on a smaller scale. In this way malfunctions and failures can be prevented during the actual process, wherefore machines might get damaged or processes get interrupted causing time- and money loss in terms of delays and repairs.

Smaller models of the actual machines are installed within the test room, with which realistic situations and scenario’s are being simulated. In this way clients will know how their products will behave during process and how the end product will turn out eventually. With this pretesting process Peti will be able to guarantee the production quality as well as the delivery deadline. This test room makes it generally more convenient for Peti to work together with clients. Collaborating together even enables a synergetic way of working, wherefore better results will be obtained by this process. Brainstorming about an idea becomes more realistic and tangible. Therefore Peti would like to talk about your ideas too in order to determine the possibilities for your company.