Peti invests in new production line for client

Peti has invested in a new production line for a client with which a long term collaboration has been initiated. In this way Peti is able to fulfill to the continuous demand of this client, what shows that teamwork pays off, since this adds great value to Peti as a company too. Next to the benefits on a financial level, this also enables Peti to innovate within their venue. Knowledge can be obtained by this partnership and experience can be gained.

This knowledge and experience can be effectively used for the development of other machines or the improvement from it. Besides, production processes can be refined more efficiently and products can be bettered and modernised also of which other clients can obtain benefits too. All in all an effective way of innovation on several grounds. Furthermore the innovation process allows Peti to search for various ways and adjustments to start producing more environmental friendly. With an aim on the future, production should be done more and more ecologically because this still is an important factor to focus on for most of the companies in general right now. Therefore, Peti has great attention to ways that help the company becoming more sustainable and environmental friendly.