A wider range of product possibilities is enabled

The long lasting experience of Peti within the animal feed sector created chances in other fields of work. This is why Peti Food has started to focus on the humanitarian food market, because the experience gained in the animal sector gave Peti great understanding of the sector focussed on humanitarian foods. An interesting extension within a vast and internationally orientated market.

Obviously this extension is easier said than done, since other safety measures have to be taken and other certificates are needed in order to being able to start producing. Therefore Peti had to arrange several hygiene measurements in order to fulfill to these necessities. Right now Peti Food has the certificates GMP+, FSCC22000, Kosher and Halal. With above stated certificates confirmed Peti now is able to offering a custom fit to nearly all nutrition demanding companies. This is interesting for certain clients that work with nutritions for the animal as well as the humanitarian market. The people behind Peti are really keen about this extension too, since because of this extension more projects can be welcomed to the company that points at a healthy business structure.